The Fantastic "Flawless Follow-Up Formula" for Small Business Owners Exhibiting 

at Business Shows & Expos

 Do you dread following-up on leads after a show? 

 Are your post-show sales lower than you'd like?

 Maybe it's a member of your team who lacks confidence?


Would you like a simple, straight forward and repeatable process that takes the hassle out of following-up and helps turn leads into long term and loyal customers?

If so, then read on and...







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Learn to master the follow-up process, and watch your business grow!

  • No more feeling frustrated or disappointed after a show, when the sales don't roll in.
  • No more worrying about who to call first, how to do it or what to say.

Here's an all-to-common thought among small business owners: "I hate following-up (sales)!"

I've muttered it under my breath from time to time; you've no doubt felt it too.  We all have.

And some exhibitors let that self-limiting thought process bring them down, while others learn to overcome it. 

Fear of Following-Up is Perfectly Normal

Let's face it, no one likes rejection - especially when a stranger - tell you no.

When you think about it, though, you've been in sales all your life. You "sold" your car to a new owner; you "sold" your partner on your holiday destination; you "sold" your parents into buying you a new bike for your birthday; you "sold" the idea of your product or service to interested people on your stand in exchange for their contact details.

You already "do" sales. And you're good at it. Now you just need to...

Overcome Your Following-Up Anxiety

You've searched the internet, taken advice, read blogs and self-help books all designed to:

  • Give you a fail-safe approach
  • Boost your confidence
  • Provide you with a sales script
  • Identify who to call and what to say

But, you wanted more than a numbers game, you know the one, speak to enough people, and a certain percentage will buy.


It's time to find an easier way

A common complaint among exhibitors is that after the show they are just too busy to follow up.  When you return to the office, there are orders to fill and pressing priorities that often leave lead follow-up in a "file of good intentions." 

Good intentions don't get business, but applying the right resources to your follow-up program will.

The right resources don't have to be considerable.  In fact, your initial follow-up can be greatly enhanced with a minimum investment of a few hundred pounds in an e-learning course.  

Why Choose an E-Learning Course?

  • 1.

    Repeatable process with workbook & exercises

  • 2.

    You don't have to travel

  • 3.

    It takes less of your time

  • 4.

    Enthusiastic learning 24/7

  • 1.

    You and your team prepare together

  • 2.

    Less time away from work

  • 3.

    Learn in private

  • 4.

    No course waiting list

  • 1.

    Low fee = more money to invest in your customers

  • 2.

    Train when convenient

  • 3.

    Implement new skills quickly

  • 4.

    Faster calls, quicker results

"My Trusted Advisor"

I have worked with Carole multiple times while leading the efforts at myfairtool and The Exhibitor. I regularly ask for her expertise to participate in the creation of educational articles or videos aiming to help exhibitors better manage their trade shows. 

Working with Carole has been a real pleasure: she has the ability to turn any cumbersome concept into something simple and accessible. She easily breaks projects down into manageable steps making it easier for exhibitors to comprehend and manage. 

I strongly recommend her expert approach to any company planning to participate in a trade show and looking for improved workflow and greater results.

Julien Rio
myfairtool & The Exhibitor


Close the Sale and Secure More Product Sales

 and Profitable Clients 

June Offer only £99 (save £96)


Flawless Follow-Up Formula

Step One: Glorious Goals

Goals keep you focused

The secret to a great return on investment is to start with the end in mind. What is the result you desire from the show.

Once you know this you can set your goals focused on the correct target.

Think of your time, energy and efforts as input, and results as the output.  A goals acts as your funnel which guides and channels those inputs effectively into your desired output.

Will an increase in sales tell you if your target audience got the message? YES, because when they understand what you're all about and agree with those messages, they will ultimately buy more from you.

Here you'll learn:

  • 1.

    The Purpose of Goals

  • 2.

    The 4 Step Fast-Track Goal Setting Template

  • 3.

    Clarify you Ideal Customer Profile worksheet

  • 4.

    What to know to create a Great Customer Experience

  • 5.

    Swipe & Deploy Lead Card Template

  • 6.

    Workbook: 4 exercises that form a repeatable process


Step Two: Active InterAction

The Purpose of Exhibiting is to SELL

The purpose of exhibiting is to sell. Even if your goals are to carry out research, ultimately your purpose is to sell your products or services.

Active InterAction with your ideal prospects is vital if you want to avoid poor-quality leads like people who put those business cards in a box and now no-one can remember anything about them.

Collecting leads like these costs you money. Even the follow-up comes with a cost. From creating the call list to making the actual calls, from preparing information or brochures, to meetings and demonstrations.

With so much invested in creating opportunities to sell, it's easy to see why your sales conversations are expected to get results. That's a lot of pressure.

Here you'll learn:

  • 1.

    How to have sales conversations that sell

  • 2.

    The difference between Passive -v- Active interactions

  • 3.

    What an ice-breaker actually is and what makes one great

  • 4.

    The value of ice-breakers and authentic friendliness

  • 5.

    How to assess when a 'No' actually might be a 'Yes'

  • 6.

    Why accurate data collection is so important

  • 7.

    Workbook: 2 exercises that form a repeatable process

Step Three: The Flawless Follow-Up

The SAD Facts!

The show is over. Now it's time to see if your objectives were met and turn those leads into gold.

However, it's a fact that 70% of business and trade show leads are NEVER followed up!

Your first contact with a visitor should be as soon as possible after the show closes. Sometimes within the first week is ideal.  It's not a long time but for visitors looking for solutions to business problems, it can seem like an eternity.

They are ready for business and your products and services may be the answer. They are back in their office and excited about what they saw and learned at the show.  If the timing of your follow-up coincides with their increased level of interest, the chances of having a positive conversation is greatly enhanced.

Here you'll learn:

  • 1.

    The 3 Block that stop exhibitors following up

  • 2.

    A guide to creating your follow-up plan

  • 3.

    The 5-step magic sequence that turns leads into sales

  • 4.

    6 ways to get information sent opened

  • 5.

    How T.H.A.N.K.S. will get twice as many sales

  • 6.

    8 Expert tips and why DIABAED is important

  • 7.

    Workbook: 3 exercises that form a repeatable process

About Carole Stacey

Carole Stacey, Founder of Exhibitex Trade Show Training, Exhibiting Technician and author of eLearning courses including Flawless Follow-Up Formula. She is known for being a creative Trade Stand Trainer and commercially minded entrepreneur who rolls her sleeves up and 'gets-stuck-in.'

She brings clarity and opportunity to new exhibitors and seasoned pros through her mantra of "rethinking what's possible".

Carole partners with leading industry experts on exhibit-marketing projects, provides training on behalf of Event Organisers, Consults and Mentors with companies who want to dovetail their exhibit-marketing opportunity into their over-all business growth plans and marketing strategy.


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